Full-Service Cloud-Based Solutions



Canalini Consulting Group (CCG) provides full-service cloud-based solutions for law firms, associations, government agencies, non-profit and for-profit enterprises. Based in our nation's capital, Canalini's seasoned team of Microsoft Certified experts including Solution Architects, Senior Consultants, Systems Engineers, Project Managers, and Corporate Trainers provides customized technology solutions, optimal business process analysis and client-centered strategies.


Our Process

Canalini's methodology is rooted in fundamental IT standards, fueled by a creative entrepreneurial drive and guided by an insatiable hunger to provide stellar customer service time and time again. 




By leveraging its resources in the Discovery Phase, Canalini's seasoned professionals take the time to understand the client's culture and process to increase productivity, efficiency, and security using the most current and effective approach.


Once the Discovery Phase is complete, Canalini focuses its efforts on the Design Phase to ensure a clear path to integration and implementation.


Following the Design Phase, Canalini works with the client during the Implementation Phase to educate, fine-tune and transition the organization to its cloud-based solution.


After implementation and migration, Canalini is available for support and any questions the client may have. Throughout each phase, the client has real-time access to the project's status.