Microsoft Enhanced Security Administrative Environment Design & Implementation

INDUSTRY: Professional Services Firm
CLIENT PROFILE: A leading staffing and recruitment company with over 10,000 employees and revenue exceeding $1B.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Client requested Canalini provide Microsoft Active Directory consulting services, including policies, procedures, and documentation. Client requested guidance for upgrading Red Forest and Domain Controllers, implementation of authentication policies, configuration of WSUS servers for the Red Forest, deployment of two (2) 2012 R2 Servers, promotion of a single 2012 R2 Forest/Domain, and deployment, testing, and acceptance of Red Forest.

BUDGET: $160,000
RESOURCES: Senior Consultant and Project Manager


  • Reviewed Policies, Procedures and Documentation
  • Protected and hardened Domain Controllers
  • Provided guidance for upgrading Forest and Domain Controllers to 2012 R2
  • Implemented advanced authentication policies
  • Set privileged accounts as sensitive and cannot be delegated
  • Reviewed the Red Forest design with the staff
  • Created VLANs and Configured WSUS servers for the Red Forest
  • Deployed two (2) 2012 R2 Servers
  • Promoted a single 2012 R2 Forest/Domain
  • Deployed Red Forest
  • Ran Test and Acceptance for Red Forest
Danielle Fish